Acuity is the top-of-the-line large production switcher designed to handle world’s most challenging live events. This switcher has been built to easily adapt to evolving technology in the video production industry and is built with the biggest creative feature set – for the biggest productions.

Furio is the leading track-based camera system, with over 300 dollies installed in more than 30 countries around the world. Offering unparalleled smoothness, accuracy and flexibility, Furio is the ultimate tool for creating stunning visuals, higher quality productions, and more efficient workflows.

Screen XBT 539

Screen SDT500UB-ARK6-X2

Screen Dummy Load

Planar Stand Fabricated

Planar PT3285PW

Planar PCT2785

1 x 2 Matrix 55" LCD Monitor with standard Planar stand

1 x 2 Matrix 55" LCD Monitor with standard Planar stand

Planar Content Smart Media Player

Miranda Telecast Shed C

Miranda Telecast Shed

Miranda Telecast Rattler

Miranda Telecast FTR-D6

Miranda Telecast Cable

Miranda Pico Link

Miranda NTSC-PAL Adaptive Decoder

Miranda DV Bridge

Mier Yagi Antenna

Mier Panel Antenna

Mier MC2 Power Amplifier

Mier Filter 840590

Mier Filter 84A005

Mier Digital TV Repeater

Mier Coaxial-Jumper Cable

Mier 100W Power Amplifier

Harmonic Omneon MDP-2200

Harmonic Media Deck SMD-7002-42H

Grass Valley XVP-1801

Grass Valley UAP-1783

Grass Valley SSP3801

Grass Valley REF 1801

Grass Valley Densite 2

Grass Valley Densite 2 PSU

Fiberlink 3380-B7S Transmitter

Fiberlink 3380-B7S Receiver

Ross UDC-8625AR

Ross SFS-8622-AR2A

Ross Open Gear 3.0