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Educators / Lecturers
Resource Speakers
Trainers / Coaches / Fitness Instructors
Online Sellers
Stream eSports and eGaming
Live Concerts and Events Production
Religious Services
Public Service
TeleConsult Service
Someone who wants to Launch his Own Channel or Branding

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starts at Php 19,995.00
starts at Php 109,995.00
I need high quality video
I need great lighting with bicolor feature
I need clearer audio
I need professional background
I need multiple input source for audio and video
I need proper branding, graphics and sponsorship display features
I need to display in my virtual background different presentations & videos (via PPTs, websites or other videos
I need advance chroma keying to insert myself properly to my video and power point presentation with proper branding and logo
I need professional switching (wipes, dissolves, DVEs) from different sources